The Romanciuc studio represents a group of companies involved in business and professional activities in the area of building constructions, installations for the production of electricity from renewable sources (F.E.R.), interior fittings for ships and trains. Hereafter, only for convenience, this group will be named as “Romanciuc Corporation”.


The Romanciuc Corporation, WHILE carrying out its activities, complies with the laws and regulations in force in the  Countries where it operates, acting in accordance with the principles of honesty, freedom, human dignity and respect for diversity, rejecting any discrimination based on sex, race, languages, personal and social conditions, political and religious belief.



The Romanciuc Corporation has adopted this Code of Ethics in order to clarify the set of rules, values and general principles that employees and collaborators of the Group should recognize, accept and share.  They are always expected to keep a behavior based on loyalty, impartiality, diligence and fairness.


The Romanciuc Corporation undertakes to promote the principles contained in the Code and its circulation,

so that employees, managers, and all those working on behalf of the Group can conduct their activities respecting these values and obligations.

procedures. Confidentiality is extended for further two years from the end of the employment relationship and collaboration with the Romanciuc Corporation.




The Romanciuc Corporation holds business relations inspired by the principles of honesty, loyalty, fairness and correctness, and recognizes that a fair and honest competition constitutes a basic element for the development of the company.


Selection of suppliers and determination of the purchase conditions are based on objective criteria, such as quality and price of the goods or services, as well as care warranty and timeliness. Same goes for the selection of employees and Contractors.





Relations with public institutions, national or communitarian, public officials, representatives or bodies of public administrations, also economic, of local, national or international public corporations and agencies (hereinafter the ‘institutions ‘) are held by recipients in accordance with local regulations and on the base of the General principles of honesty, loyalty and fairness.


It is strictly forbidden to offer or accept any object, service, performance or benefit in order to  obtain a better treatment with regard to any relationship with the institutions. When a business negotiation or relation with the institutions is in progress, recipients in charge shall not try to improperly influence the decisions of the counterpart, including the ones of the officials who negotiate or take decisions on behalf of the institutions.


The Romanciuc Corporation, whenever considered necessary, may support governmental programs designed to achieve utilities and benefits for the community, as well as activities of foundations and associations, always in compliance with the regulations and principles of this code.




The protection of the environment and the safety and health of recipients are priorities for the Company, which adopts all measures prescribed by law for this purpose.




The compliance with the rules of this Ethical Code must be considered as an integral and essential part of the contractual obligations of employees and collaborators, within the meaning and for the purposes of sect. 2014 of the Italian Civil Code. Any violation of the rules may constitute a breach of the primary obligations of the employment relation or a disciplinary offence, in accordance with the procedures provided by sect. 7 of the workers’ Statute, with all the legal consequences, also regarding the preservation of the occupation, and it may lead to a compensation for the damages resulting from the breach itself.


The compliance with the rules of the ethical code must be considered as an essential part of the contractual obligations of the collaborators of the Romanciuc Corporation (related companies). Any violation of the rules may constitute a breach of the contractual obligations with all the legal consequences, also regarding the resolution of the contract, and may lead to a compensation for the damages resulting from the breach itself.


The infringement of the regulations contained in this Code can be sanctioned with administrative penalties, suspension from work, or final dismissal after two reports of conduct at the Recipients’ expense.




The proper application of the rules contained in this Code, as well as the proposed solutions to specific cases, falls within the competence of the supervisory body of the Romanciuc Corporation, which, in accordance with the Law, could send disciplinary records or even take legal actions and remove the recipient who will not respect: this ethical code, the laws, the rules of civil life, good relations with the other recipients, caring only about the Company and its customers.

The Romanciuc Corporation reserves the right to revise, analyze and evaluate case-by-case jobs and situations that could damage the image of the Corporation and its Clients.


This code of ethics is subject to updates that will be quickly announced to the recipients.


Foggia, Italy, 7/26/2016