servizi-offerti-03Starting from 2009 to 2014 REATEK has been a leader company in Italy as well as a dealership of the ENEL GREEN POWER brand and it has built over 400 photovoltaic systems for domestic use, for Italian families. The commercial relation with ENEL GREEN POWER was interrupted when the Italian State cut off public incentives for photovoltaics, although there is the possibility, today to obtain tax relief for measures of energetic efficiency and energy upgrading.

REATEK and Romanciuc offer solar photovoltaic plants to produce electric energy using sunlight, small plants up till 20 KWp, and much more (large size).

The small photovoltaic plant will be designed custom-made for families, according to their daily necessities and to their energetic consumption needs, but above all according to the major use of electricity due to the new cooling and heating systems of homes (air conditioning inverter with heat pump).

The small photovoltaic plant will be collocated on the roof of the houses, of warehouses and of coverings in the generic sense. It is intended for the needs, auto-consumption or it will be realised for companies that need more energy.

Buying a new photovoltaic plant is not a luxory anymore, it is an investment as well as a moral obligation, it pays for itself. The photovoltaic plant, such as the solar thermal plant, inverters, heat pumps, are plants that will benefit from “Public incentives” delivered as a non-reimbursable fund from the State (in Italy from the GSE) or will be beneficiary of tax relief, in one way or the other they provide a sure economic reentry of the buyng cost.

In Italy the photovoltaic benefits are:
-production of electric energy for self-consumption
-use, at the same time, of electric energy deriving from the distributor society (Enel, Acea, A2A etc..)
– the sale of electric energy in excess through the mechanism of periodic reports
-recovery in ten years of the 50% (65%) of the supported cost for photovoltaics (tax relief)

The tax relief functions regardless of the use of the plant, it is the certainty that every year the owner of the photovoltaic plants, thermal solar or heat pumps, will pay less taxes to the Italian State and recover half of the general supported cost in ten years. The purchase of the photovoltaic system can be realised also in comfortable monthly rates thanks to the conventions that REATEK has with important financing companies for amounts up to 75.000 euros.

Photovoltaic energy can be summarised in the certainity that “every year solar energy illuminates the earth and the rooves of its homes giving back electric energy and the amount of the photovoltaic purchase”.

REATEK is organised to design and build small and big wind plants, realised in Italy and for the foreign market, in particular in the Eastern European countries and North Africa.

REATEK, with its Partners, offer activities as “General contractor” of preliminary study, of design, construction and managment of solar photovoltaic plants, use the best technologies and the best producing companies, install photovoltaic modules in polycrystalline silicon, in amorphous, in cadmium telluride (cdte), but also video surveillance systems and all the related building work associated to it, definitely REATEK and the Romanciuc firm design and realise photovoltaic plants according to the formula “Keys in hand”.

The Romanciuc firm offers locating activities for private investment and public financing for the construction of F.E.R. plants (renewable energy sources).