servizi-offerti-02Starting from 2009 to 2014 the firm REATEK has been a leader company in Italy as well as a dealership of the ENEL GREEN POWER brand and it has built over 10 plants and designed several wind plants. The commercial relation with ENEL GREEN POWER was interrupted when the Italian State cut off public incentives for photovoltaics.

The Romanciuc firm offers wind plants for the production of electric energy by using the power of wind, small plants up to 60 KWp, and much more (large size).

The Romanciuc firm offers the possibility of programmed and lasting investments through projects of wind plants, but also economic savings with the construction of plants for the production of electricity intended for one’s own needs and self-consumption.

Wind electric energy is generated thanks to the driving force deriving from the pressure of the wind, therefore it is understandable that wind plants produce more energy where the wind is more often present, more constant and more intense, so the study of feasability constitutes the main element of the “Due Diligence” which is necessary for a wind project before the economic investment.

The Romanciuc firm offers secure investments and the protection of savings through projects of wind plants, plants of small or large dimensions (up to being able to build the so called “Windfarms”).

The convenience in the realisation of a wind plant depends on the position and the morphology of the installation site in that the presence of an adequate raw material (wind) is necessary. Generally, the wind plants are applicable starting from the presence of 5,5 m/s of windiness, and from the altitude of the tower of the plant of at least 30 metres.

In Italy the reliability indications of windiness, even for macro areas, is possible to obtain from wind maps that are consultable from the site ATLANTE EOLICO INTERATTIVO realised by RSE (Ministry of Economic Development), although a technical inspection and evaluation is necessary on the premises of the installation.

In the rest of the world other interactive maps can be consulted, maps which provide data and updated information from satellites, that identify the evolution and the force of the winds, the future predictions, giving back historical evaluations, ultimately maps which cross satellite data to data of anemological stations.

Small and big wind plants are classified as commercial factories, they are electric energy factories which will be sold at established prices.

Each country, including Italy, has been provided with public incentives, that is with purchase prices of wind energy according to specific Regulations and Laws.

The mini wind plants in other countries can have power over 60KWe, up to 200 KWe.

The “Windfarms” have a various number of wind towers up to the programmed investment.

Wind energy can be summarised in the certainity that “each economic investment has a secure reentry and has earnings which are disciplined by legislative obligations with an interest rate over 10%”.

The Romanciuc firm is organised to design and build small and big wind plants, realised in Italy and for the foreign market, in particular in the Eastern countries of Europe and North Africa.

The Romanciuc firm, with its Partners, offer activities as “General contractor” of preliminary study, of design, contruction and managment, using the best technologies and the best producing companies, installing principally plants of Endurance Energy, Northern Power Systems, Enercon, planning and realising wind plants according to the formula “Keys in hand”.

The Romanciuc firm offers locating activities for private investment and public financing for the contruction of F.E.R. plants (renewable energy sources).