servizi-offerti-01Starting from 2009 to 2014 the firm REATEK has been a leader company in Italy as well as a dealership of the ENEL GREEN POWER brand and it has built over 400 photovoltaic systems for domestic use, for Italian families. The commercial relation with ENEL GREEN POWER was interrupted when the Italian State cut off public incentives for photovoltaics.

The Romanciuc firm has completed its own knowledge and specialisation in the use of renewable energy through the offer of Biogas, Biomass and Biomethane installations.

The Romanciuc firm offers the possibility to realise energetic installations alongside the world of agriculture, plants which use agricultural waste, but also preselected and differentiated urban waste.

The Romanciuc firm offers the possibility to complete its own productive cycle to agricultural firms and specialised companies in the differentiated waste collection using refuse and preselected waste.

Refuse and waste are traditionally sent to recycling plants or to be reused on site and represent a serious and constant problem for agricultural firms, for the companies of transformation of agricultural products and for companies involved in the collection and storaging of unhazardous urban waste.

It is possible to project such plants from the quantity of agricultural refuse, from recycled wet waste, from the production of oil mill refuse, of factories for the treatment of refuse of processed olives, from the production of corn, sorghum and of triticale etc..

The installations which have been proposed are very different from incinerators, the first use the normal fermentation in anaerobic digestion of refuse or differentiated waste, the second burn all the undifferentiated waste producing further waste and ashes which are nondisposable.

The convenience in the realisation of an installation like this is tied only to the location of resources and the raw materials from waste and from agricultural processing, of the separate waste collection, material which must be guaranteed so that the plant functions constantly. From such a necessity, it is deduced that, simultaneously a “Supply chain” will have to be organised which supplies the necessary material to the plant.

Such installations are classified as commercial plants, they are factories of electric and gas energy which will be sold at agreed prices.

From these plants as a final product, “Compost” will be produced, that is the natural amendments which after fermentation in the digestors, represents a perfect organic fertilizer, a biological fertilizer of first quality to extend on farmland.

Biogas, Biomass and Biomethane can be summarised in the certainty that “from the problem of the disposal of agricultural refuse an economic benefit can arise first, and again as a biological fertilizer for the farmland”.

The Romanciuc firm is organised to project and construct in Italy and in the foreign market, in particular in the countries of Eastern Europe.